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NSBWM Professional Member Registration

Below is a synopsis of our two upcoming collegiate outreach initiatives:


Program 1: We are the D.R.E.A.M (Dedicated, Resilient, Educated, and Motivated Professionals) Mentorship Program

  • Virtual mentorship program between a NSBWM Professional (mentor) and a NSBWM collegiate member (mentee).

  • The mentor and mentee will be paired based on career interest.

  • Recommended to meet with mentee once a month.

Program 2: MEDit Review Program

  • A application review program to assist with successful matriculation of our collegiate members into their post-bacc, professional, graduate school programs

  • Collegiate members will submit application materials (personal statement, resume/cv, essays) and professional members will offer recommendations for revision by a set deadline.

Which program would you be interested in comitting to?

Shipping Information

By registering for membership, you are committing to paying the $50 annual membership fee.


After successful registration, you will be redirected to the NSBWM Members Portal. Please click "Sign Up" and create an account.


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